How To Practice Yoga Poses By Difficulty

Yoga includes hundreds of poses. Listing them all according to increasing difficulty is a tough task. While listing yoga poses by difficulty, you will find simple, intermediate, possible and nearly impossible poses. However, for the regular practitioner, even the toughest of yoga poses are possible. In fact, it would take you a lifetime to explore and master this ancient form of physical and mental discipline. The premises are such that you don't have to follow physical exertion more than is comfortable to you.

Yoga For Beginners

Someone who starts practicing yoga will find several dozens of simple poses suited for them. They are sitting, lying & standing poses. These are simple poses that are easy for anyone to practice. Depending on your physical condition, even the simplest forms - like the lotus pose - can appear extremely difficult. You need to manage through constant practicing. However, you don't have to worry about achieving the perfect posture in one day or even a month. You can take your time to become an expert in what you do. Practicing simple poses or 'yoga for beginners' poses can prepare your body for the physically demanding poses.

Prevent Yoga Injuries

It is important that you prevent yoga injury. You can hurt yourself if you deviate from the instructions. Perfect alignment of the body while doing the poses is important. The alignment of skeletal muscles helps you achieve a pose without injuries. If you stick to the instructions, you won't hurt yourself. You can also practice all the yoga poses by increasing difficulty.

Also use the right kind of basic yoga equipment. You don't need any special exercise equipments to practice yoga. The most important equipment is yoga mat. It should be comfortable. Yoga mats are also designed to prevent slipping. The slip-free yoga mat is essential for doing intense exercises, especially the ones that requires you to balance the lower part of your body on your shoulders.

Similarly, use comfortable dressing. All you need is the dressing that allows movement of your limbs without any restrictions. Sports suits that stick to your body are fine. Such clothes allow you to practice yoga poses by difficulty and without risk of injury.

Asanas - From Simple To Difficult

The simplest of all asanas is 'savasana' - simply lying down with muscles relaxed. The hardest are 'seershasana', 'virschikasana', etc - which require you to balance your body on your head. Those are asanas practiced only by people who practice yoga regularly for a long period. The long-term practice can prepare their bodies for the toughest of all asanas. It is not advisable for beginners to take up the difficult poses. It is also not advisable, if you have not practiced yoga in the past few months.

Ancient yoga texts also have asanas, which you may not be able to do in a lifetime. These were used by Yogis who had a lifetime of experience developing yoga poses.

While practicing yoga, stop before you get hurt. It is one of the basic yoga instructions. You must know the limits of your body. Don't push your body to uncomfortable levels. This way, you can practice yoga poses by difficulty and increased advance to a higher level, without hurting yourself.