Yoga Poses For Kids - Help Your Children Find Balance In Life

If you are tensed about your children's physical and mental health and always find your children under a lot of stress, you need to introduce yoga poses for kids to them. More and more children today are turning to yoga that helps them to relax. Today, children are feeling pressure from all fronts - cut-throat competition, wish to achieve better than the others, homework, peer pressures -all these things take a toll on their mind and body. If they learn yoga posture, it will help them develop flexibility, self-control, better coordination, and better body awareness. Yoga includes various breathing exercises. These exercises would help kids stay more focused and calm in different situations.

How Yoga Poses Help Kids Find The Balance

Yoga poses for kids involves exercises that tone their entire body including their mind and soul giving them perfect balance. These exercises would make them healthy and stress free. Various yoga poses and workouts teach them the right way of breathing and meditation. Your kids would achieve flexibility, both mental and physical; they would become alert, more confident and healthier. Yoga has also been found to help the children with attention deficiency and hyperactivity. These children always long for movement, and yoga helps them control these cravings or impulses in a constructive way.

Popular Yoga Poses For Kids

When you want kids to get interested in some activity, you need to make it interesting and appealing to them. There are number of yoga poses that are named after animals so that kids love to do. Here are some of the most popular yoga postures for children:

  • Down Dog: This yoga pose, one of the most popular beginners' yoga poses, is excellent for strengthening the legs. Make kids bent forward, keeping their hands on the mat. The body needs to create a jack knife shape by stretching backwards.
  • Lion: Start with kids sitting down with knees bent, make them sit on their shins. You can make them roar loudly while breathing out forcefully - let them enjoy the exercise.
  • Eagle: Make the kids stand on the floor with feet flat. Now they need to enfold their arms around each other in such a way that the fingers of the right hand touch the left palm. Then they should similarly enfold the right leg around the left, placing the toes around the ankle. Then, make them repeat with the other side. This is one of the toughest yoga poses for kids; so, make them do it properly.
  • Cat: Tell the kids to get on the floor. Tell them to arch their backs upward. This is cat posture. With slight alteration they can achieve cow pose. From the cat pose, if they go into a backbend, they would be in a cow pose.
  • Fish: Tell the kids to lie on their backs. Now they need to arch backward and put their arms under the buttocks. Their head should be placed on the floor.

Yoga boosts the concentration in the children and makes them more attentive. It greatly increases their confidence. Yoga poses for kids are designed to help them develop a flexible, healthy, and strong body.