The Importance Of Learning Yoga Posture Step By Step

Today, we shall talk about the importance of learning yoga posture step by step. Though yoga poses and workouts are easy to achieve, but they should be learned in a step by step manner. There are various levels like, beginner's yoga poses, intermediate yoga poses, and advanced yoga poses. Ideally, one should start with beginner's yoga poses, and then, gradually move toward the more advanced ones. Here, we tell you how to attain yoga postures step by step.

Step 1 # in the beginning of yogic studies, it is very essential to have an excellent yoga teacher to guide you through the performance of yoga. If this is not possible, you should thoroughly understand the principles by reading them in a book again and again. Moreover, you also need to create a conducive environment for practicing this science. Yoga poses and workouts require a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Ensure that the ambience compliments your mood and has a relaxing effect on your mind. Avoid too much exertion, excessive talking, over eating, under eating, eating foods that are too hot or cold, laziness, etc. These things create obstacles in the progress of yogabhyas. Another important thing to bear in mind is to perform yogic practices with ease and without strain. To ensure that you don't strain yourself, all movements involved in yoga poses should be slow, steady, continuous, controlled, rhythmic, and graceful. Avoid jerks and pulls, forcible stretching or extreme contraction of muscles.

Step 2 # As a beginner to learning yoga one should take the required rest between two practices by completely relaxing the entire body for a few minutes, instead of performing the yogic practices nonstop. It is advisable to keep your eyes open till the final stage of an asana is attained, then gently close them for the period until the final stage of the asana is maintained and again open the eyes while releasing the posture.

Step 3 # this is the most important step in yoga posture. It involves fixing the mind on the breath. According to ancient yogic science, asana or yoga pose means a steady and pleasurable psychosomatic posture. To attain such a posture, one of the recommended techniques is contained in the fixing of mind on breath and connecting yourself with peace. This can be done by focusing the mind on incoming and outgoing breath. Another way of concentrating is by counting the breaths. This will prevent the wandering of mind. This step helps a great deal in increasing the span of concentration.

Achieving yoga postures step by step is not all that difficult; however, you need to go slow and avoid forceful yogic asana. Does whatever can be done? Yoga is not just about yogic postures; there are five types of disciplines (niyamas) i.e. Purity (schoucha), Contentment (santosh), Penance (Tapa), Self Study (Swadhyaya) and Self surrender to the supreme (Ishwara pranidhana). It is said that the observance of these five disciplines, is a pre-requisite for yoga aspirants. Each of the five disciplines is necessary for the well-being and progress in this healing method. Purity of thoughts should be accompanied by a feeling of satisfaction; this state is known as contentment. However, that does not mean you don't work hard in life. One should be prepared to perform penance or to face hardships. Moreover, you should also try to study your own self and surrender yourself completely to the supreme. Though you can learn yoga posture without these principles, the ancient science believes in holistic healing.