How To Choose The Right Yoga School?

Have you ever asked yourself, how important it is to choose the right yoga school? Though this alternate treatment method can be learned through books, it is best learned at a school with trained teachers. It is imperative that you make the right choice while short-listing yoga classes. Before you enroll yourself at a school, we suggest you consider a few factors that are conducive to long-term practice of this healing method. Yoga is a way of life. By regular and long practice of yogic exercises, one can acquire a body that is mentally cleansed, stable and agile. In order to correctly practice Yoga, it is important to choose the right yoga school. Incorrect yoga poses can be dangerous; it can aggravate problems, instead of curing them. Moreover, you won't even know the mistakes and continue to do them over and over. Take an informed decision; look for the following attributes.

Attributes Of A Good Yoga School

  1. Place and surrounding - The school should have a peaceful surrounding. It should be free of pollution, especially noise pollution. The area should be open, airy, well - lit, insect free, and clean. There should not be continuous draught of air or direct sunrays falling on the body. The place should be pleasant and cheerful.
  2. Yoga Equipments and accessories - The school should provide basic accessories like mats, straps, blocks and so on. The idea is to ensure that your sessions are comfortable and you don't sprain your ankles or neck.
  3. Method of teaching - The teachers should not only be trained but also need to be patient. They should not push you or force you into certain postures because it is a part of the course. Moreover, attributes like politeness, calmness and compassion are very important.
  4. Interesting sessions - The sessions should not be boring or exhaustive. A good yoga school will ensure that the students look forward to attending the class. Some schools do not repeat the same yoga poses everyday. Instead, they teach different postures everyday, so you are never bored. They should also play soft instrumental music to maintain the level of peace and calmness.
  5. Review the class - Before you join a school, we suggest you pay them a visit and ask if you can sit through a class. Be observant and have a keen eye. Too much of talking, laziness and lack of interest amongst students is not a good sign.
  6. Ask about the sequence of exercises - An ideal way to practice yogasanas is to follow proper sequence. First comes various postures (asanas) then breathing (pranayam), followed by mudras and bandhas. This is the correct sequence, so check if the school follows this sequence while teaching its students.

Analyze all of these attributes before you join a school. Though it may sound trivial, having paid a huge fee, you surely don't want to attend boring classes. Take an informed decision, now that you know what goes into the making of a good yoga school.