How To Judge A Good Yoga Teacher?

One of the most common questions that arise in the minds of those interested in yoga is 'how to judge a good yoga teacher?'

Choosing the right yoga classes is very important to gain physical and mental fitness. There are several facets of the yoga learning path. Some doubts that regularly crop in the minds of prospective yoga pupils are: Would I experience major physical changes? Am I looking at spiritual growth as well? Would my classes help me have a stress-free life? What are the obstacles that might obstruct my learning path?

No one else but a good yoga teacher can help you overcome all the above questions. A good teacher would not only provide assurance during crucial moments, he would also help maintain balance and adjustment required by the student's perspective.

Let us now move on to knowing some simple tips to help you locate the right yoga instructor for your special needs.

Tips To Locate The Right Instructor

  • Find out about the background and training of the yoga teacher. A verifiable training and certification would ensure that the person is reliable. You need to locate the right combination of experience, credentials and background to find the perfect teacher. The trainer should be well-versed in both theory and application of all the aspects of yoga. Doesn't matter whether they learnt their skills at the local community center or through a yoga certification course. What matters is that they should be qualified to ensure that they impart the right knowledge to their pupils. Also the individual's natural talent and experience speaks volumes about his capabilities.
  • Motivation and character is another important factor that can help judge good yoga teachers. If the yoga teacher you have contacted seems to be performing more for his own ulterior motives rather than for helping students gain the advantages of yoga then he is not the right one for you. A good teacher is one who teaches yoga from his heart rather than for want of earning riches and fame. So if you feel that the teacher you are looking at is more interested in personal gains rather than helping you have a program for your specific needs, then look elsewhere.

Beware Of!

Yoga is one of the most sought after fitness mantra today. In such a scenario, it would be but natural for several self-proclaimed yoga gurus to make tall claims. However ironic it might sound, although yoga is a spiritual path towards the well-being of humans it is also the most susceptible to be misused and abused.

So take out time to do some research before you sign up with the neighborhood yoga classes. Ask around for studios that possess good teachers and students. Get a yoga certification from a good yoga teacher and learn the true art of living.