Understanding The Essentials Of Yoga For The Endocrine System

The benefits of Yoga for the endocrine system are widely known. If you too are interested in learning more about the working of the endocrine system and how yoga can help fine tune the system, then this is the place for you. Before we move on to postures for Yoga for the endocrine system, let us find out how the endocrine system works.

The Endocrine System

The human endocrine system consists of the pituitary, thyroid, pineal body, adrenal and the reproductive glands. In all, the endocrine system is a collection of various glands that secrete hormones that are responsible for various bodily functions. Intricate life functions like puberty, tissue function and metabolism are controlled by the endocrine glands. Here is a closer look at the various glands and the specific yoga postures that are meant to aid their functioning:

  • The Pituitary Gland: The master gland that is directly controlled by the brain. Head stand is a yoga posture that is specifically beneficial for the proper functioning of the gland. However, the asana is difficult to perform and should be mastered completely before attempting to do it alone.
  • Thyroid Gland: The thyroid gland is responsible for the growth and development of cell processes. It also handles the basal metabolic rate of an individual. Shoulder Stand is beneficial for proper functioning of the gland.
  • Pancreatic and Adrenal Glands: The glands are responsible for the emotional and physical state of an individual. Peacock posture is advantageous for these glands.
  • The Reproductive Glands: Ovaries and Testes: The ovaries regulate pregnancy, the menstrual cycle, breast feeding and the female physical appearance of a woman. The testes are responsible for the secretion of the male sex hormone, testosterone. Yoga postures that help balance the sex hormones and relieve sexual disorders include Pranayama and relaxation techniques.

Now that you are aware of the basic Yoga for the endocrine system postures, let us move on to some advanced postures.

Advanced Yoga For The Endocrine System Postures

Advanced postures include: Rabbit Pose, Reverse Yoga Poses, Child Pose, Fish Pose and Bow Pose. Reverse Yoga poses include Headstand, Plow Pose and Shoulder Stand. All these poses help regulate the rate of metabolism and affect the rate of growth of other systems in the human body. The Reverse Poses are especially beneficial for those who suffer from infertility problems.

Diet For A Healthy Endocrine System

Other than adopting regular yoga for the endocrine system, one must also be extremely careful of diet and nutrition. A diet that comprises lean protein, herbal supplements and omega oils helps maintain a healthy endocrine system. Besides this, one must include lots of whole grains, vegetables and fruits in their daily diet. Foods that are rich in calcium like milk, cheese, yogurt and dried beans also help proper functioning of the endocrine system.

Yoga for different health problems is what that attracts more and more people to it. Yoga not only helps promote a healthy endocrine system, it also effectively deals with stress management. Log on to the Internet for more information on Yoga for the endocrine system, Yoga for the respiratory system and Yoga for the nervous system.